Fireclay Tile, San Jose, CA

"Beyond the simple environmental and financial savings, our lighting got a significant overhaul and each employee is far happier with better lighting. If you haven't yet checked out the RightLights program or PG&E's rebates do it now. The savings are real and the environmental impact is obvious!"

-Eric Edelson, Owner

Scarborough Lumber Co., Scotts Valley, CA

"After reviewing our electrical billings we have noticed significant savings of 18-20% on all of our meters where the new retrofitting has taken place. The new lights also have a much richer luminance than our older ones giving the merchandise a cleaner appearance. We had originally expected to recover our costs over 12 months but it looks as though it will take half that time."

- Vic Martin, Owner

North Bay Ford, Santa Cruz, CA

"When I first heard about the RightLights Program, I thought that there must be a catch. Under your program our energy savings for three months will pay the small out of pocket expense we incurred. The upgrade went extremely smooth and the new lights provide more and better light. Also with the warrantees on the new lights our maintenance will be reduced for years to come."

- Mark Elward, Owner

Westside Ace Hardware, Santa Cruz

"I must say how extremely pleased I am ... the installation went very smoothly and caused no disruptions, and the quality of light is much improved - the entire store looks better. The best benefit was the electrical usage was reduced by over 50% from the same period last year."

-Rodney Hoffer, Owner

San Lorenzo Floors, Scotts Valley

"I had just been thinking of how I needed better lighting in the store. You see, in my business, I sell color and design. And it is extremely important for my customer to accurately see what I sell. The lighting that you installed was just what I needed to make my product displays look natural and vibrant. Now my customers can see the true colors and know exactly what they are buying.
We are also delighted with the cost savings that showed up on our very next energy bill."

-Rusty Spitler, Owner